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4 students practicing on xylophones 
A bucket of mallets in the music room

Instruction in the music classroom is focused on four components:

  1. CREATE – Students create music by singing and playing on a variety instruments.  In this component, students develop rhythm-reading and note-reading skills, and compose their own music using instruments and technology.
  2. PERFORM – Students demonstrate their learning through a performance given once a year for every grade level. 
  3. RESPOND – Students respond to music in a variety of ways, primarily by movement and games.  Through this component, students develop their understanding of the elements of music.
  4. CONNECT – Students learn to connect their own knowledge and feelings to music, as well as draw connections in music from a variety of cultures.

A typical day in music consists of singing, playing instruments, playing games, moving to music, and incorporating FUN into each lesson and activity.