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Pinewood ROCKS!

Pinewood ROCKS provides an observation based look at the rocks surrounding Pinewood. Information and details on select rocks can be found on this webpage.   

Each rock tells a story

Use your senses to figure out the story of each rock: what colors or shapes do you SEE? How does the rock FEEL with your hands? Does the rock have a SMELL? Does the rock have a SOUND if you tap or knock on the rock? Can you IMAGINE if the rock is heavy or light?

Each of these clues help GEOLOGISTS figure out the story of a rock: how it formed, how it changed, and how it got to its current location. A GEOLOGIST is a person who studies the earth, also called an earth scientist. A geologist may study rocks and minerals, fossils, groundwater, oceans, or earth processes including earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains.    

How did these rocks get here?

These rocks originated from all over Minnesota. The large boulders with rounded edges, were smoothed and transported by glaciers from their original spot in the ground (bedrock.) The rocks with sharp edges were mined at quarry sites where the bedrock is an important source of crushed stone for roads, construction, landscaping; a source of dimension stone for decorative use in buildings; or a source of iron used to make steel and other key uses. Each rock was specially selected for Pinewood.

Painted Rocks

The painted rocks represent the connection to the Pinewood Community, each rock painted by a Pinewood student. The hand-sized rocks came from glaciers in this area over 10,000 years ago, and were generously donated by Martin Marietta-Apple Valley, a source of construction sand and gravel to the area. 

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Additional information and Resources:

Geologic information and resources compiled by Sara Welna, Pinewood family and MN Professional Geologist. Questions and further resources can be directed to Sara Welna at